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String Player
Oil on panel
32" x 24"

Green Sky
Oil on canvas 24" x 30"

Three Personages
Oil on canvas 30" x 40"

Living Room
Oil on canvas 58" x 80"


About the Artist

Carolyn Young Hisel's paintings have been shown throughout the United States in many juried and invitational exhibitions. The Lexington, Kentucky native has had more than 20 solo exhibitions, including a 20-year retrospective in 1989 at Lexington's Headley-Whitney Museum. Her paintings have won a museum Purchase Award from the Owensboro Mid-States Competition, and an Al Smith Fellowship Award from the Kentucky Arts Council. Her work is part of several museum and corporate collections, including the University of Kentucky Art Museum. Hisel is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

Artist's Statement

The drawings include descriptive studies of things seen and unseen; investigations of media, especially watercolor; and wonderings about what if...
They come into being as perambulations through the thought process as well as simple mind-less doodles, and the latter are always more interesting I think - more fun. My heart hurts much of the time it seems, and drawing always helps.

The paintings often begin as drawings, and in much the same way. Some of them come to a resting place very close to the drawing, and others evolve over time, becoming quite other than where they started. This show may interest you as you see the difference.
But the central force behind all of my work is embarrassingly simple: love. Love for the look of this earth (the color is key) , and love for the sufferers in it. Every painting is meant to help; to make a gift of a vision and a hope; to encourage my lonely self and every lonely soul I know. Emotion is very near the surface in this body of work.

Carolyn Young Hisel, 2010

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